Erich Squire

About Me

Erich Squire- is a self-employed business consultant who has been doing so since 2017. In this job, Squire applies his broad financial expertise and experience to deliver "different strategic and analytic services, ranging from quantitative to qualitative" to businesses of all sizes. He draws on his extensive experience in financial analysis, forecasting, modeling, business plan creation/review, data analysis, financial modeling, change management, and actuarial analysis to help customers expand their companies and overcome financial and HR difficulties.

Squire has spent his entire career in finance, including nine years at Century Aluminum in the greater Chicago region, where he rose through the ranks from Human Resources expert to Senior Vice President of Finance. Squire supervised the Century's reporting, investor relations, FP&A, corporate growth, risk management, shared services, and credit as the company's most senior financial officer.

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